Our team launched Crema.co in December 2015 after running a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year. In addition to serving as the company’s CEO, I also designed the product, developed the front-end, and currently own the back-end development as well. My awesome co-founder, Emily McIntyre, manages our roaster partnerships and all things coffee, and we have a copywriter, coffee professional, and all-star advisory board involved as well.

The Crema.co homepage
The Crema.co homepage.

So what is Crema.co? In short, it’s a coffee marketplace that enables consumers to subscribe to roasted-to-order coffees from specialty roasters across the US. Every coffee is roasted to order and shipped direct from the roaster, meaning the beans arrive just days after they’ve been roasted.

Head on over to Crema.co to experience it for yourself! Otherwise, just scroll down to see a few screenshots.

Browse Coffees

Crema.co offers around 50 single-origin coffees from 15 specialty roasters — and counting. We opted to use photographs from the farm on which the coffee is grown to make the experience more personal.

Browsing coffees on Crema.co
Browsing coffees on Crema.co.

Meet the Grower

Not only do we tell you about the coffee itself — what it tastes like, how much it costs, etc. — but we also…

Coffee detail page
A coffee detail page.

…tell you the story behind each coffee, from a biography of the coffee farmer, to a snapshot of the region in which it was grown.

Meet the grower
Meet the grower who produced your coffee.

Manage Your Brew List

Our customers subscribe to recurring coffee deliveries using a queue system called the Brew List.

How the Brew List works
An explanation of how the Brew List works.

Here’s how it works: a customer adds the coffees she’d like to try to her Brew List, sets a delivery frequency (from every week to every month), and then receive the next item on her Brew List each time.

The Brew List in action
The Brew List in action: drag and drop to change the order.

Whether on desktop or mobile, customers can add or remove coffees, pause their subscription, or change their delivery frequency at any time.

The Brew List on an iPhone
The Brew List on an iPhone.

Rate Coffees

After you try a coffee, we invite you to leave a simple thumbs up / thumbs down rating of whether or not you liked it.


Your Coffee Palate, Visualized

As you order and rate coffees, we calculate your Brew Log: a visual representation of your coffee preferences. This utilizes the latest sensory science research and machine learning techniques to understand the characteristics present in the coffees you enjoy.

The Brew Log
The Brew Log: your coffee palate, visualized.

Personalized Recommendations

Based on your personal coffee profile, our recommendation engine then suggests coffees that you’re sure to love.

Personalized recommendations
Personalized recommendations.

Here’s what Daily Coffee News had to say after we launched our recommendation engine:

Crema.co “appears to be pulling ahead of the pack in terms of innovation and unique consumer guidance… with an exceptional balance of preserving each roaster’s brand identity, presenting detailed information on each coffee and a convenient, flexible user experience…”

Brew Guides

We’ve also prepared a series of guides that help educate consumers on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Hario V60 Brew Guide
A guide to preparing coffee using a Hario V60 pour over device.

In addition to step-by-step instructions, each brew guide also includes a video.


Each bag of coffee is delivered in a Crema.co box.

Custom packaging.
Custom packaging.

Our emblem is inspired by the rosetta pattern used in latte art. The term “crema” refers to the copper layer of foam on top of an espresso.

Crema mugs
Two Crema.co mugs sporting our name and emblem.

Our Purpose

Cloud forests to office cubes, campfires to kitchen tables: coffee spans the world and touches millions of lives. At Crema.co, we firmly believe that coffee is a community, not a commodity, and we’re on a mission to empower farmers, roasters, and coffee drinkers to truly live well.

Community, not commodity


Emily McIntyre (co-founder) says:

“I have the privilege of working with Tyler as co-founder of Crema.co, where together we are revolutionizing how coffee lovers find, buy, and share their coffee. For sheer professionalism, creativity, and deep-dive work, Tyler tops my list of collaborators. He’s a brilliant web designer and developer and has a strong grasp of the complexity of marketing, user experience, and product positioning.”

Joe Malcoun (investor) says:

“At Nutshell, Cahoots and Notion we have a high bar for excellence in many areas, but there are two in which we’re particularly snobby: design and coffee. That’s why we’ve all fallen in love with what our friend, Tyler Tate, is doing at Crema.”