I use product strategy, design thinking, and agile development to play my part in envisioning, designing, and building products from the ground up.


I'm co-founder and CEO of Crema.co, the marketplace that enables coffee drinkers to subscribe to top coffees from small-batch roasters.

Prior to Crema I co-founded Twigkit, an enterprise search software company based in London. I led the user experience, visual design, and front-end development of Twigkit’s products, as well as consulted with key customers including The Financial Times, Rolls-Royce, Qualcomm, BASF, Thomson-Reuters, Vodafone, Gemalto, and ITV.

Before that I was the first designer at Nutshell, a customer relationship management tool. I led the initial user experience and visual design of the company's web application, iPhone app, and marketing website.

I'm also co-author of the book Designing the Search Experience (Morgan Kaufmann, 2013), and have spoken on the topic at numerous conferences.


  • Product Management, Strategy, and Evangelism
  • Design, User Experience, Information Architecture
  • Growth Hacking (Facebook, SEO, Content Marketing)
  • Rapid Prototyping (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Web Applications (MVC, Git)
  • Ruby on Rails Stack (Postgres, Heroku)
  • Search, Discovery, and Data-Driven Experiences


Originally from Alabama, I went to university in Kentucky (B.A. in Media Communication), spent seven years in the United Kingdom (London and Cambridge), lived in Seattle for a bit, and most recently landed in the San Francisco Bay Area.